Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 Review Comparison: Which is the Best Full-Size Luxury SUV?

Let’s get into the review comparison between Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5. Genesis GV80 is no doubt an astonishing step in the luxurious SUV genre that to in such low price segments compared to its other rival car brands. But on the other hand, there stands the BMW X5 with high performance and much better torque.

Now the question arises whether you prefer the car that has an ample amount of luxurious elements to make your every ride worth remembering such as the astonishing Genesis GV80 or the car that will provide some high performance and much greater speed.

About Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 Review Comparison

Genesis GV80: As far as luxury SUVs are concerned, the Genesis GV80 has caused the most stir. A three row Korean flagship hit the market with all guns blazing and aimed straight at the establishment. This vehicle’s recent win as Utility Vehicle of the Year further solidified its position as a credible alternative to the more traditional players. So, we put the Genesis GV80 up against one of the most well known SUV brands to see how it fares.

Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison which best SUV
Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison which best SUV

BMW X5: Despite its high performance, the BMW X5 uses almost the same components as its gasoline counterparts, with the exception of the third row. A hybrid power-train can give the X5 a huge advantage over its competitors.

The term “hybrid power-train” refers to a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move. In the case of the BMW X5, the hybrid powertrain consists of a gasoline engine and an electric motor.

Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 Exterior Design

Genesis GV80: GV80’s matte paint finishes and generally colorful palette really help to make it a stand-out model, one that makes onlookers crane their necks in order to see more. Despite that, what really draw attention are the quad lights front and back, and the front end’s aggressive crest-shaped grille.

There is nothing subtle about those quad lights, as you can see in the profile, the indicators are positioned further back from the front end, forming what Genesis calls a ‘parabolic line’ running down the length of the car so that it adds a definitive edge to its width. Overall, the X5 is not something that will turn heads because its wheels are an inch smaller in diameter than those on the Genesis, and its blacked-out trim adds to the car’s understated appeal.

Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison exterior design
Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison exterior design

BMW X5: The engorged version of BMW’s trademark kidney grille is what draws the most attention, not the trio of large air intakes. It’s just the right size for a vehicle this big. There is no doubt that the LED tail lights of the X5 are stunning, complementing the flat tailgate of the vehicle and delivering a strong impression at the rear.

The upper dashboard and door shoulders of our test vehicle had optional leather upholstery, but even without that, it is still luxurious. It is hard to deny that the BMW X5 has a handsome aesthetic, but it is a shade of the same design we have seen countless times before.

Interior Design for Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5

Genesis GV80: Genesis GV80 is equipped with a 14 inch pop-up infotainment screen that is situated in the middle of the dashboard, and it is surrounded by brown stitched leather that sits around the screen. Under the air conditioning controls, you will find the climate control panel which has all air conditioning controls, a hepatic feedback system for the heated and cooled seats, and a two stage heating system for the steering wheel. 

Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison interior design
Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison interior design

BMW X5: Adding to the sporty look are the Anthracite headliner and ambient lighting inside the car. Furthermore, the X5 boasts cutting edge technology, highlighted by the pair of 12.3 inch displays; one for the touch screen, the other for the instrument panel.  

The X5 retains a surprisingly sporty side, thanks to its hefty steering wheel, robust front seats, and gripping sports pedals. The instrument cluster is completely digital having abandoned the tactile rings, but it appears dark and lacks the depth of functionality that other competitors provide.  

Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 Engine and Performance

Genesis GV80: 224kW of power is produced at 5800rpm by the 2.5T’s 2.5 liter petrol engine with 422Nm of torque from 1650 to 4000rpm. It comes in 2WD/RWD or AWD and has an eight speed automatic. No matter if you go RWD or AWD, the 2.5T accelerates 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds. 

Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison engine performance
Genesis GV80 vs BMW X5 review comparison engine performance

BMW X5: BMW uses the same 3 liter turbo diesel inline six cylinder engine as its X5 xDrive30d. A large SUV with this engine will produce 195kW of power at 4000rpm and 620Nm of torque at 2000 to 2500 rpm.

Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 Price

Genesis GV80: With a list price of $90,600, the GV80 2.5T will be the cheapest model in the range. It features five seats and rear-wheel drive.

BMW X5: A low-end X5 model, the xDrive30d starts at $121,900 plus on-road costs. It is situated between the xDrive25d ($104,900) and the xDrive40i ($124,900).


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