2024 Infiniti Q50 and Some Significant Changes to It

There have been several changes happening to the 2024 Infiniti Q50. Some of the changes include the removal of several trims, such as the Signature and the Pure, from its lineup. There is a logical reason for it. Many of the features and amenities from the Signature can be found within the Sensory trim, and for a significantly reduced cost. The Sensory trim was first introduced last year, including the optional Saddle Brown leather and enhanced temperature control system.

The current Infiniti Q50 base Luxe trim includes Bose Performance audio system Series with 16 speakers, along the power steering (column) adjustment, memory setting on the front seats, leather upholstery, exterior power folding mirror (with auto reverse tilting down feature), mirror positions, driver’s power lumbar adjustment, and steering wheel.

The Redesigned Project

The upcoming 2024 Infiniti Q50 would be designed as a well-built, solid, and beautiful car, so there is nothing to worry about. LED headlights and fog lights may likely be found on the rear and also front area of the vehicle. And those elements would include windows surround (from chrome) and forged fenders, delivering somewhat sensuous and visually appealing look.

New 2024 Infiniti Q50
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The standard design would be obvious from the back side, with the decklid spoilers, fake diffuser, and trunk lid facing upward. Buyers will be able to choose carbon fiber as an extra option. Expect red exhaust tip that will make the vehicle look sportier and more modern. Power moonroof would be the standard feature in all trims. But for the top trim levels (two of them), they can get standard 19 inches of wheels (from alloy) while the highest trim would be riding on 18s.

Powertrain and Performance

It’s safe to say that there is no slow engine for the Q5. The ‘slowest’ one would be the V6 twin-turbo unit with 3.0 liter capacity, able to generate 300 hp and 295 Nm of torque. Even the most basic trim won’t disappoint when it comes to power and also throttle response. In short, the Infiniti Q5 is super fun to drive. Even from the stop position, you should be able to overtake any vehicle fast; regardless the gear you use. But if you have to compare the sound of Q5 and Alfa Romeo QV Giulia, the latter has more exotic sound that the one generated by the V6 turbocharged unit. It doesn’t mean that the V6 is ugly or unpleasant – it’s only that Giulia is more booming. That’s all.

2024 Infiniti Q50 Interior
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If you see some of the Q5 images (with the red hue), known as the Red Sport 400, that’s the prototype. This prototype, is able to generate 400 hp (as the name suggests), making it one of the best competitors in the industry. The Q50 isn’t exactly a sluggish ride, but if you have to compare it with Audi S4 or Beemer M340i, both the latter are more powerful and energetic. Those German rivals are definitely coming with better tuned performance.

2024 Infiniti Q50 Redesign
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But then again, the Infiniti isn’t bad at all. With auto seven speed gearbox, it does have a rather promising quality. But only the Red Sport and Sensory trims would offer paddle shifters (placed on the steering wheel) which you can use to change gears, manually. Pretty cool, eh?Release Date and Price

The costliest Q50 model would cost $42,100 and it excludes handling and shipping charge that may cost around $1,100. For the price range, Sensory model would experience a slight reduction. The Red Sport 400, you should know that its starting price would be around $56,000. If you want all wheel driving system, you need to spend extra up to $2,000 for all the trims. We’ll know more about 2024 Infiniti Q50, for sure.

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