6 Best 2023 SUV Models with Promising Performance and Features

If you are thinking about buying an SUV as your ‘future’ ride, you should know some of the candidates for the best 2023 SUV Models. You probably think that all SUVs are just the same, but they are not. Different manufacturers will lead to different features, technologies, and outcomes. Not to mention that there are small details that you may experience from different manufacturers.

Best 2023 SUV Models

When compared to other types of vehicle (such as sedan or pickup truck), 2023 best SUV Models are considered more comfortable. They are able to provide more seats for the passengers and space area for both passengers and cargo. So, what are the candidate options that you can consider?

01. Audi Q3 2023

This one would be a refreshed model of Audi SUV. It would be the third generation with minor (and subtle) changes. There would be a slight improvement in the number of passengers that it can accommodate. Not to mention that there are more updated and new features to enjoy, such as fancy LED headlights, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay techs, panoramic sunroofs, and others.

Audi Q3 2023
Audi Q3 2023

One thing about cars that most people consider about is the power. What is the new arrangement for the upcoming best 2023 SUVs? Rumor has it that this one will retain the same powertrain, but it is likely that the torques and horsepower would be boosted just a bit, reaching around 70 (or even 80) Nm of torques and around 7 hp, more or less. Of course, the improved features will affect the overall cost. The beginning trim may start from around $35,000.

02. Buick Encore (and also Encore GX) 2023

This is another refreshed line from Buick for the SUV line. Expect to see some improved technologies and features as this one is set as one of the best 2023 SUVs. There would be extra features added to the line, although they aren’t many. However, it seems that the company promises that their upcoming 2023 model would be impressive and promising.

Buick Encore and also Encore GX 2023
Buick Encore and also Encore GX 2023

One of the main focuses of the development is about the technologies. The new model would be coming with driving assistance and eConnect 2.0 connectivity technologies. These are only the two extra features to address the (ever-changing) lifestyles and active customers. These technologies are meant to help the users enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. In short, the Buick Encore (and Encore GX) would focus on the latest and most advanced technology. When it comes to the price, the Encore is planned to set at around $23,000 for the base trim. For the Encore GX, it would be set for around $25,000.

03. Chevy Traverse 2023

This 2023 model would be the redesigned future plan from Chevrolet. The 2023 model would not only be coming as a 3-seat rows and (full-sized) SUVs with four doors arrangement, but it will also be coming with major changes on the interior cabin as well as the exterior area. The changes on the exterior area would cover the LED taillights (improving the style of the rear area), SiriusXM satellite radios, and extra seats.

Chevy Traverse 2023
Chevy Traverse 2023

As one of the best 2023 SUVs, Chevy Traverse 2023 has smoother auto start and stop features, which are basically more sophisticated than the previous models. The changes on the interior cabin focus on the third row, which can be used to accommodate adults or to carry more cargo. Not to mention that the cabin would be packed with (USB) ports as well as wireless support for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connections.

Naturally, there are different price ranges for different trims. The base L is estimated to come with $32,000 while the LS would be sold at (probably) $35,000. The LT Is set at around $37,000 and the RS Version would be coming at an estimated $45,000 tag price.

04. Ford Fusion 2023

This all-new SUV that is claimed to be able to deliver promising abilities and features although the line may have different names in different markets. If everything goes as planned, it would be sold as Mondeo Activ in the European market, but in North American market, it would be called Fusion Activ. This model would be coming on C2 platform, the same one used by Ford Escape, Ford Focus, and others. According to many reports, the 2023 Fusion may share similarities to Ford Edge, especially in the front grille and other features.

Ford Fusion 2023
Ford Fusion 2023

As one of the candidates for the best 2023 SUV models, the cabin may share similar styles from the latest Explorer or Mach E types. You can expect Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, built-in system for navigation, or Ford Sync systems with vertical (oriented) center screen and full digital clusters. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation about the powertrain, it is highly likely that the SUV would be coming with either plug-in hybrid or even hybrid system.

05. Lotus SUV 2023

This is a brand new SUV with clean energy technology. Yes, you will have a new electric SUV, which is designed to boost environmental awareness in Canada and the USA. With the increasing demands of electric SUVs, it is only logical if the company wants to deliver the best options while trying to promote healthier lifestyle and cleaner energy use for Mother Earth.

Lotus SUV 2023
Lotus SUV 2023

The vehicle will use an electric power system with AWD dual-motor power system. As if it weren’t enough, the new Lotus SUV would be packed with SEA universal platform. Such a construction is able to support battery usage to the highest level while making sure that drivers and passengers will remain safe during their trip. The starting price may be higher than the others, but then again, you do need to spend extra for an advanced system and cleaner energy. The price is set at around $55,000 if everything goes without obstruction.

06. Subaru Solterra 2023

This is a completely brand new EV ride which shares the platform with Toyota bZ4X. Hopefully, a new (signature) Subaru touch will also be included in the new model. Solterra is still in the development stage, designed as the 2023 model. The new model should be available at the late 2022 or the very early 2023, with the starting price around $37,000.

Subaru Solterra 2023
Subaru Solterra 2023


It’s quite exciting to wait for these 2023 models, especially for the SUVs. What’s your favorite best 2023 SUVs model, write in our comment section!


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