6 Best 3 Row SUV 2023 with Generous Space and Sophisticated Cabin

If you are looking for a family vehicle that should be enough to accommodate a large number of your member, then the information about the best 3 row SUV 2023 can be quite handy. SUVs are known for its generous space, perfect for hauling cargo as well as passengers. With the 3 row seating arrangements, you should have a perfect vehicle to accommodate the entire family while still enjoying comfy trip experience. Not all SUVs are coming with 3 row arrangement. Some of them may only come in two rows, but as SUVs popularity is growing, you can expect more SUVs (with 3 row arrangements) being made. And what would your options for the 2023 model?

Cadillac Lyriq 2023

Lyriq is designed as the next luxury SUV with 3 rows arrangement, and it is designed for 2023 model. It means that Caddy is about to launch it in 2022, the first half of the year, with starting price set around $60,000. The car will also be using Ultium Platform battery as a part of its electric architecture. The electrification should be able to cover 300 miles, and it would be made convenient with both four wheel and two wheel driving systems. The upcoming model is said to deliver 340 hp and 325 Nm of torque.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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The interior will get luxurious treatment with Autonomous SuperCruise driving and 33-inch screen. Although there is no further information about the powertrain and other details, you can expect the best service and features from this SUV. Considering that the price tag is pretty high, reaching $60,000, you can expect (almost) perfection, making it worthy for the best 3 row SUV 2023.

2023 Honda Pilot

The next generation of Pilot has undergone testing stage, and it shows a redesigned work. It would be the fourth Pilot generation, which is planned to go to dealerships in the very late of 2022. After all, it is designed as the 2023 model, so refreshed work is expected. The new design would be more rugged (when compared to the current model), as it will ditch the soft minivan-look-alike lines. It’s highly likely that this upcoming Pilot would be inspired by the Ridgeline truck.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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The proportion of this best 3 row SUV 2023 would be similar to Acura MDX 2022 as they are sharing the same platform. It’s safe to say that the new Pilot will have an extra length which affects the space. It may be able to accommodate more than 8 passengers, which is great if you have a big family. If nothing changes, the SUV should be coming with V6 unit with 3.5 liter capacity, paired with auto 10-speed transmission, delivering 290 hp. There is also the possibility of a plug-in hybrid variant available.

Lexus Hybrid SUV 2023

Toyota is planning on working on 2 SUVs and they are the hybrid types. They are both designed as the 2023 models and both have 3-rows arrangement. The first one would be coming with Lexus badge while another one would be coming as a Monica. However, Toyota hasn’t mentioned anything about the two SUVs although there may be a small detail about the Lexus badge.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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The Lexus type would be offered as the 3-row type for the first time. It should be able to carry 8 people quite comfortably. The SUV will also be packed with sophisticated technology, including remote parking and hands-free capability. As if it weren’t enough, the company allows users to make use of their smartphones to integrate to the car’s system, turning it into a digital key. So, we should wait for the further launch date so you can enjoy the technologies and features.

2023 Ioniq 5

Ioniq is basically the sub-brand from Hyundai, focusing on the electric variants. As it would be a separate brand from Hyundai, you can call it Ioniq and NOT Hyundai Ioniq. The upcoming model is designed as an electric crossover. It is claimed to be able to cover 300 miles of range with fast charging ability to 800V. It will also be available in two wheel driving system as well as the four wheel, but the latter would have lower coverage range.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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77.4 kWh would be the battery size, and the predicted horsepower would be set at around 225 hp (for the two wheel) and 320 hp (for the four wheel). The top Limited trim would cover all the great features, including parking assist, 20-inch of wheels, and also panoramic sunroof. But because it is unclear when the Ioniq 5 would be available, we can only wait and see.

Kia EV6 2023

It’s interesting how Kia and Hyundai are working together, sharing their platforms. The EV6 is constructed from Ioniq 5 platform, but with better and higher technologies and abilities. It’s unclear whether the EV6 would be set as the 2023 model, as there are rumors that it would be actually set as the 2022 model.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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Just like the Ioniq, the EV6 is able to cover 300 miles of range, but it depends on the trim itself. It can also make use of 800V fast charging ability, enabling you to cover 210 miles with only 18 minutes of charging. According to Kia, the highest trim will be able to reach 576 hp. It is also able to reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. No wonder if it is considered one of the best 3 row SUV 2023.

2023 Mazda CX-90

The CX-90 would be designed and produced together with CX-70 as Mazda is planning on debuting the two models. Both of them would be coming with widebody style and design. But the CX-70 would be a two-row SUV while the CX-90 would be the three row type. There are two different powertrain options, the plug-in hybrid (with inline-four gas unit) or the inline-six turbocharged unit. All of CX models would have standard all wheel driving system. It seems that the CX-90 would be set as CX-9 replacement.

Best 3 Row SUV 2023
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With so many interesting options, hopefully you won’t be overwhelmed with so many options. Of course, there are still more candidates for the best 3 row SUV 2023, but you have some of the best candidates.

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